Autopact 3 Day Used Vehicle Handback Guarantee

The Autopact Group wants you to drive away happy. It’s part of everything we do. If you choose a used car and decide in the first three days, for any reason that it’s not for you just bring it back and we’ll give you your money back. Of course, you can choose another one but that’s entirely up to you.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The amount paid, excluding stamp duty can be allocated to any other new, demo or used vehicle for sale in the group a choice of over 2000 cars.
  • If the car you select is more expensive then the additional funds needs to be provided. If the car selected is less expensive a refund cheque will be provided to you for the difference.
  • The vehicle cannot be damaged in any way and distance travelled cannot exceed 500 km.
  • Any car care or protection products that were acquired on the first car will be applied to the replacement car. This way the customer receives full credit for total price paid and they get the same products.
  • The car must be physically returned to our premises by the 3rd day. Written or verbal communication that the car will be returned is not sufficient.
  • Any finance or insurance swap fees or termination fees are paid for by the customer.
  • 3 days is strictly enforced. It includes the day that you drive out and includes the day you bring it back. It includes Sundays and Public Holidays e.g. if you pick up a car anytime on a Saturday, you need to return the vehicle anytime on Monday. If you pick a car on Friday, you will need to return it on Saturday as we are closed Sundays and Monday would be the 4th day.
  • If a trade in was part of the original deal, the original trade-in vehicle will already be wholesaled. The customer cannot have it back. The same trade allowance will be allowed on the replacement vehicle.
  • This policy does not apply to new vehicles or demonstrator vehicles.
  • This policy is for retail customers only.
  • If finance approval cannot be obtained on the replacement car selected, then the customer will need to select a vehicle that finance can be approved on.
  • If the vehicle was delivered by freight, any additional freight costs are at customer's expense.